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“Welcome to Nicaragua!”

“Welcome to Nicaragua!”

August 4, 2011 by  
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This is a day I will never forget.  I met Felix who is 10 and Pedro who is 16.  We also met their families and visited their homes.   You can tell they were trying to look their best for us.  With plenty of gel in their hair and with their shirts nicely tucked in their pants.  They gave us a tour of their homes.  Felix shares his home with two other families and Pedro shares his bed with two other people.  Later, our host confessed to us that, their homes were the poorest she has ever seen.

Later, we visited one of Compassion’s sites –a school full of vibrant children who prepared a welcome ceremony for us!  As the afternoon went by they made us feel like celebrities, wanting to be with us, hugging and playing with us.  I can still hear their voices calling me “maestra” or “profesora” which means “teacher” in Spanish.  I felt really good being there with them.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  All we were doing was blowing bubbles, but for them, this was a big deal.  One container of bubbles can cost around $3, so for many of the children there, this was something they had never done before.

My biggest lesson learned today:  Kids appreciate the money, but they prefer to feel loved.  When a sponsored child doesn’t receive a letter, and other kids do, they feel like they don’t matter to their sponsor.  Teachers try to keep them encouraged but it is hard because no answer really satisfies them.   Sometimes they just have to tell them that their sponsor just doesn’t have the time.

On a positive note, I’m so greateful to be feeling better…  tomorrow, I look forward to doing more home visits!