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The Father's Day note I'd give my dad if he were still here

By: Rob
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It's been five years since my dad passed away. He had Alzheimer's so the last few years were difficult to create lasting memories and to be able to say the things I wished I could have said to him so he understood before he passed.

This year, I decided to jot down the things I wish I could still tell him if he were still here. And I hope this can inspire you if you still have your dad, to not take that for granted. Call him. Write him. And if he's nearby, spend time with him.

Here's the Father's Day letter I wrote him this year, or listen to the audio below:

Dear Dad,

I never really got to tell you how much you influenced me. And honestly, I didn't really know it myself til I had two boys of my own. I see the ways I raise them, and I'm grateful I had you as my role-model...even though I seem to mess up daily. I just wish I had the patience you had with me when I was impossible to deal with, or couldn't stick to a curfew. You would be proud that I've passed down the many "dad jokes" you used to tell me, like "What did Tennessee? She saw what Arkansas!" The boys still laugh at that one, even with a few eye rolls.

Sometimes I can't believe all the ways I take after you--besides the fact that I get so many comments about how much I look like you. That's not such a bad thing. But why couldn't I have gotten your metabolism?? I can't enjoy ice cream at 10 at night like you. Oh, also, while we share the same name, thank you for making sure no one called me Bob or Bobby.

I wish you could see your grandkids now...some all grown up and married, graduated, and becoming young men. You would be proud of the legacy you have left in the way they treat others and always offer help when needed. Oh, and they love music and to sing just like you, too! You were called the "Singing Grandpa" after all. 

Dad, I know you couldn't always remember us and the fun times we had, and that wasn't your fault. But I know when I see you again, those memories will be restored and we can look back on those trips to the beach, playing the ukulele, and others fondly.

While most of the time our love for each other was "understood" I just want to tell you right now, how much I love you and miss you and I can't wait to see your big toothy grin again.

Love always, your son,