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Where I Found Hope

Where I Found Hope

August 9, 2011 by  
Filed under Blogs, Chaplains Corner

Saturday night, the Sheraton Premiere  not only provided an escape from the unbearable heat from the week, it was not only a shelter from the rain that fell all day, but it was a refuge from an economy crumbled around me.

It was a sanctuary where I could forget for a moment that my boss wants to fire me and the mole on my chest looked worse this morning.

Saturday night, the Night of Hope at the Sheraton Premiere was a shield protecting me from the fear that I’ve already suffered from.

It was a retreat where I found God again.

It  was a retreat where I found myself again.

Where I found hope again.

I think we can connect with God through music. I saw that happen right in front of me when Heather Williams and the WGTS Gateway Praise Band shared moments of worship on stage. And in those moments everyone in the room came together in way I’ve never seen before.

I saw the same thing happen at the prayer stations, while Chaplain Terry Johnsson shared a few thoughts and even when people dropped of school supplies for Backpacks of Hope.

I hope you can share in those moments too through the videos below and the pictures here.