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  • You’d Think We Would’ve Matured By Now…

    December 5, 2007 by  
    Filed under Morning Show, Rob Conway

    Usually when it snows, we go nuts because of school closings and slippery roads, but the kids don’t mess a beat building snowmen, sledding down slopes and pelting one another with snowballs. Well today, a bunch of oversized kids tracked in a bunch of snow into the WGTS lobby after battling one another out in the cold. Yes, we honestly haven’t matured very much, in fact with the exception of Rob Conway, we all forgot to wear gloves. Watch the video to see some of the fun we had in the snow together.



    3 Responses to “You’d Think We Would’ve Matured By Now…”
    1. John says:

      I wondered why Steph and Angela had their hands over some candles! Why is it when I go away just for a few minutes you guys play? Next time wait for me and Andy!!

    2. Daniel Miranda-Roman says:

      Where’s Becky???

    3. Angela M. says:

      It is so good to see some fun from a group like this. What a positive example!

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