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Z-Jam and 20: The Countdown Magazine

Z-Jam and 20: The Countdown Magazine

August 10, 2006 by  
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“Hi, Normally at 11 on Saturday evenings ZJAM played on WGTS. Lately it hasn’t been on, neither has 20 the countdown. Did you stop playing those shows or have they been off air for a while? If you get the chance, thank you otherwise thank you anyways.” - Laura

Hi Laura, Good to hear from you. Unfortunately, WGTS 91.9 no longer carries 20: The Countdown Magazine or Z-Jam.Because we’re continually conducting audience research, studying our listeners habits and preferences, and re-focusing the programming of the station to better serve the audience, we change our programming line-up from time to time. Sometimes those changes are fairly minor and go almost unnoticed, and occasionally, they take the form of adding or dropping an entire show.

In the case of 20 and Z-Jam, this was less a reflection on the shows, as it was a decision between two good things (regular WGTS 91.9 music and specialty shows). The challenge, as always, was to decide which would be the better thing, given the mission of the radio station and listener preferences.

It’s never easy making these kinds of decisions. Programming decisions are taken seriously and involve a great deal of thought and research. We realize that the radio station serves the whole community, and that we have an obligation to serve our audience in the most effective manner possible. Currently, WGTS 91.9 is airing our regular music format in the place of 20: The Countdown and Z-Jam. You may be pleased to know, though, that Z-Jam is available online at www.zjam.com, you can listen online anytime by clicking a link on their front page.

I know that this may not be what you want to hear, but I appreciate you giving us the benefit of the doubt. We certainly make mistakes all of the time, and although we hope this wasn’t a mistake, you might be right and we might be wrong. In any case, thanks for your support and encouragment.


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